Orange Beach Grand Slam Fishing Tournament

Transcript for video introducing the Orange Beach Grand Slam Fishing Tournament

NOTE: Jim Cox standing at Marlin Circle with the weigh tower in the background

"Hey, Jim Cox here at The Wharf Marina. We're super excited. Of course, fishing season is upon us here on the Gulf Coast and I've spent a lot of time right here at Marlin Circle as we have all the great billfishing tournaments here at The Wharf, but I'm here to tell you today about a new one we have here at The Wharf and it comes to you June 13th through 15th. It's the Orange Beach Grand Slam and this is a tournament that we wanted to do for a long time. We worked on the format all winter long and now have it finalized. It's an old school trolling only tournament. Two divisions -- center console and sportfish. You can be in either division. If you're a center console you can actually fish the center console and get in the sportfish division. It's all catch and release. Again, no live bait, all trollling, but here's the cool format. You gotta catch a tuna, dolphin and wahoo and tag a billfish to catch the Grand Slam. So, you're going to be fishing for those three meat fish, and them also try to catch a billfish, and get Grand Slam points. Something else we've done that's kinda cool. It's a weighted scale on the fish. Dolphin are worth two points per pound, Wahoo 1.5 points per pound, and tuna one point per pound, 15 pound minimum on a blackfin, and of course the federal limit on big eye and yellowfin tuna. Okay, so we got all the rules posted on our website, you can see them on Facebook as well, but it's a reall cool old school tornament. We want to have it where there's a low entry fee. You and a bunch of buddies can get on the boat, go fishing for a weekend, have a chance to win big cash prizes, but really more about a fun fishing tournament right here on the Gulf Coast. Big tournament are their own entity, we love em, but this is one where you can go out there in any size boat be competitive, the playing field is even, and it's going to be a really excited tournament June 13th through 15th here at The Wharf. So, we can't wait. It's going to be a busy summer here at The Wharf Marina, but we're super-excited about our new tournament coming up. It's the Orange Beach Grand Slam. We've got more details to come. register now. We're also going to tell you about how you can win a thousand dollars cash and free docking here at The Wharf Marina by simply registering early. You can get your money back if you pull out of the tournament for any reason up to 48 hours before the tournament so no reason not to enter early. All those details coming up. Stay right here with us and on Facebook right here at The Wharf."